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Doc’s Dilemma, Boat Trailer Defies Gravity

Recently I had the opportunity to visit with my doctor, and he related a tale of disaster while trailering his boat.  It began with the purchase of a new Grady... Read More

Fishing the North Carolina Outer Banks with Chris

The Outer Banks of North Carolina provide an abundance of recreational opportunities, including bay and ocean fishing.  My son-in-law had a birthday coming up, and we decided a deep-sea fishing... Read More

Encounter with a Golden Goose (Fish)

This story has lived in my memory for many years.  It took place when I was an impressionable kid, addicted to fishing and spending the summers with my family on... Read More

How to Catch Hard Shell Clams for Chowder

When you live on Cape Cod there are two schools of thought about clam chowder.  Of course, it will have to be New England style, made with butter and cream. ... Read More

What the Heck is A Cuttlefish? Adventure From Down Under

While working in Australia I had befriended a colleague originally from Taiwan and now an Australian citizen.  He was an ardent fisherman, and had a boat.  What more could you... Read More

Exciting Inland Fishing in Idaho

Captain Bob lived in Idaho as his children were growing up.  They all graduated from high school in Idaho, went away for college, and have settled in other parts of... Read More

Recipe – Fresh Caught Fish Sautéed With Cape Cod Spice and Butter

A wonderful go-to Cape Cod spice mix that produces beautiful copper colored fish fillets. Add cayenne pepper for extra kick. Great on any kind of fish but especially Atlantic Cod... Read More

Why It’s Important to Select a Knowledgable Charter Captain

Captain Bob here. I am always looking for new fishing experiences, especially fishing in waters that I have not fished before. In recent years I have tried a number of... Read More