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Man Overboard

Hi this is Captain Earl. One spring day I had a group of anglers onboard and we were chumming near the Chandelier Islands sand bars hoping to attract a Cobia. ... Read More

Doc’s Dilemma, Boat Trailer Defies Gravity

Recently I had the opportunity to visit with my doctor, and he related a tale of disaster while trailering his boat.  It began with the purchase of a new Grady... Read More

Partly Cloudy Boating with a Chance of Severe Explosion

Imagine yourself on a partly cloudy Friday afternoon, tied up to a fuel dock at your local marina with several other boats and pumping 89 octane fuel into your boat... Read More

Dangerous Kayaking with Neil, Sometimes You Act Before You Think

   My time on the water is spent in a kayak.  In addition to providing excellent exercise, my kayak gives me a chance to enjoy time on the water without... Read More

Trouble at Fogland Point

Hi, Captain Hal speaking. The sun had dipped below the horizon and I was nearing the end of my shift. So far, the day had been filled with routine calls,... Read More